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Less than 24 hours after purchasing our 1st Shasta LoFlyte,  we got a return email from one of the Craigslist contacts.  You can only imagine my surprise when he told me that he also had  a 1969 Shasta LoFlyte.  I double checked the Craigslist ad to look at pictures.  Low and behold,  it looked like the twin sister to the one we had just purchased.



It turned out that this trailer was already in the renovation process.  The ceiling had already been removed.  After speaking to the owner,  it sounded like this might be a bit closer to finishing off than the other trailer.  We haven’t actually seen this one in real life yet,  just on the internet.


After quite a bit of discussion,  we decided to buy both!  We still  haven’t got the 2nd one in our possession yet, but  plan on  picking  it up by the end of the  week.  It is almost 2 hours away.  We will take a good look at both trailers side by side,  determine which one is in the best shape and then  use the other for parts.  The 2nd trailer cost only $500.

For a combined cost of only $775 we feel like our wait was well worth it.  Can’t wait to get started.  We are very excited to go pick it up this next weekend and see just what we have.