Well,   yesterday we were so pumped and excited that today was supposed to be the big day of going to pick up the 2nd ’69 Shasta in Des Moines. We’ll call the owner “Shasta Joe”.  We took the tires off of the 1st camper so we would have a couple of spares with us just in case we couldn’t get Shasta #2 home with the tires it had on currently.  Today is Sunday and we feared we  wouldn’t be able to  find a place to get tires,  should the ones on it not be road worthy.  We packed up the truck with the tools needed,  spare tires (3)  jacks,  wood blocks,  you name it,  we had it ready to roll.

Knowing that camper #2 did not have a title,  we had been on the phone with “Shasta Joe” a couple of different times getting things ironed out.  He made a special trip to their courthouse to get the duplicate title paperwork.  He called one of the previous owners from several years ago that had the last valid title.  He even went out of his way to deliver the papers to her to fill out and take to the courthouse for the final paperwork to be completed.  This kind man went above and beyond the call of duty trying to help us get the proper paperwork needed if we were to license this camper.

So,  last night we are at a friend’s wedding and we get a message from “Shasta Joe”.  We figured he was calling to set up a meeting time and to give us directions and an address.  Wow,  were we way off.  When “Shasta Joe” got home from work last night,  the sheriff’s department  was there to greet him.  When he spoke to Mark,  he was pretty shook up.  He was apparently put into hand cuffs because the camper was stolen property.  It had been stolen several years prior to this,  and then sold, not once,  but twice.  After Joe explained to the deputies who he had bought it from and was able to give them names the handcuffs were removed.  Evidently,  the original owners son needed money for some bad “habits” and had taken  her camper without telling her and then sold it for the money.  It was then  sold again,  later down the road.

Unfortunately for “Shasta Joe” the camper was immediately confiscated and then taken away.  Now,  it sounds as if Joe is out of the camper and the money he paid for,  plus the work he had already put into the camper.

I hope that this is a very valuable lesson to anybody reading this post.  I knew the title was something we needed.  We had actually thought we would get it next week after picking up the camper.  I feel very fortunate that we had not picked up the camper and exchanged the money in advance or it would have been us without the camper and out the money also.  I feel bad for “Shasta Joe”  though and plan on sending him a gift card for a small amount just to show him how much we appreciated his diligence in locating the owner for us.  Had he not contacted the original owner,  they would have never tracked down the stolen item.  By him being the “good guy”,   he ended up getting the short end of the stick.