The Renovation Process


This blog is about the renovation process of our 1969 Shasta LoFlyte Camper.  We have a very long road ahead of us,  but we are very excited to start the process.

We bought our first camper nearly 25 years ago,  when our children were little.  It was only about 10 foot long and to be honest with you,  we can’t even remember what brand it was.  I do remember that it didn’t have a refrigerator,  only an icebox.  We have traded up from time to time since then and now we have a 41 foot Stoneridge 5th wheel. As campground hosts about 7 months a year,  it is nice to have the extra space.  The last couple of years however,  we have been seeing so many little vintage campers on the road that we have gotten the urge to get one for ourselves.  After a long 14 hour trip that included pulling the 41 footer through the rush hour traffic of Chicago,  we decided to keep the big camper and restore a little vintage one for traveling.

This site will take you through our journey.  We have never done anything like this before so it could be interesting.  Wish us luck!!!


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